How to Become The Slacker.

First, you must disengage. You have to stop listening to the mantra of “it takes hard work to succeed.” It takes your hard work for your boss to succeed. Here’s your mantra, “work is for a mule.” Here’s your mantra, “work is for a mule.” Let go of the “dream” of buying a nice new car you can drive a few hours every day to get to that boring job so you to make the payments every month. By the time you get it paid for it’s old and practically worthless. Spend any additional time finding a way get along without the “job”. Who wants to spend their life performing menial tasks for someone else’s benefit.

Some General Slacker Rules

  • Never run, when you can walk
  • Never walk when you can stand
  • Never stand when you can sit
  • Never sit when you can lie down

Never ever volunteer to do more than is absolutely required. Never do more than is absolutely necessary. Learn to delegate as much as possible. If you’re stuck in a company with a large bureaucracy the easier that task may be. The higher up the chain you go the more you are able, even expected to delegate. So get started as soon as possible so you can be seen as a management type.

Think For Yourself

Learn to think and survive on your own, you have untapped abilities find them and use them to manufacture your own life outside the rat race. Be happy live your life not the one someone else demands of you.

Mold Is Everywhere

No Mold Free Environment

One of the big problems for modern day homeowners, especially in the South is dealing with mold. Mold seems to just appear out of no wear. But the truth is mold is everywhere. Mold spores are always there floating around in the air waiting to find the perfect growth environment. For homeowners, the problem begins when some area in their home becomes that perfect growth environment. Here in Austin TX in the last few years, there have been a number of an expensive home demolished after being completely taken over by mold. It becomes more costly to remediate the mold than the structure is worth.

Most Mold Needs Moisture

A small leak in a pipe or in the roof will create a wet or moist area for mold to talk hold. Wet or damp sheetrock, wood walls, and wood floors all provide a good food source for mold. Basically, our homes are constructed mostly of materials that molds feed on. Just allow the moisture to be added and the mold takes hold. If the levels of mold found inside are higher than what is found outside or if the type of mold found indoors is not found outdoors then there is a problem somewhere indoors. Usually there a buildup of moisture that is not apparent and has not been dried.

Given The Opportunity Mold Will Grow

So many times homeowners who have a water damage incident fail to get the proper help. The visible water is removed and the cause is fixed but the area is not properly and completely dried out. The result is an optimal environment for mold to take a hold and grow. It may be inside the wall where water has leaked and was not properly dried out. It may be weeks or longer before the actual mold growing inside the wall works its way through and is visible.

Mold Doesn’t Just Go Away

Once, mold takes hold in a house if not remediated it will continue to grow and produce more spores. This can and usually does result in an environment adverse to human health. The quantity of spores in the enclosed environment of the home continues to increase. Mold remediation is a job for professionals. Trying to clean up mold by yourself will usually fail. Getting the visible removed and not correcting the problem the allows the mold to grow is temporary at best. A few days or weeks later the mold will reappear

Your Houston Remodel Project

You’re Going To Need Help

If you are planning an addition to your Houston home, you need a plumber, concrete contractor, a framing contractor, someone to do the sheetrock, an electrician, a residential roofing contractor Houston and who knows what else. You need someone to create the plans and monitor the building permits and codes. Of course, all they are available, but managing all of them is a job for a professional. Cost, privacy, security, design, and an understanding of the building process, are just a few of the concerns that an owner has prior to moving forward with their project. Hiring one professional to guide the owner through the process of completing a project is what Design-Build is about.

The Project Manager

The process of Design-Build has been around for thousands of years. It is used in all types of construction, from large commercial projects to small residential jobs. The idea of having one company oversee the complete construction project takes the pressure of knowing who is accountable, off of the project owners. Design-Build is the process where a project owner hires one company to take their idea from the planning and designing stage, through to the completion of the job construction. The company hired by the owner for the Design-Build, works directly with the owner, guiding the process through all levels. By working with one company, the homeowner can address their thoughts, ideas, questions, responsibilities, and any concerns to one entity. One company is responsible for the complete process and is accountable to the owner for every aspect of the project.

Your Project Manager Need To Be Experienced And A competent Manager

A Design and Build contractor works with small residential remodeling to large commercial construction projects. They usually have years of experience in the remodeling residential and commercial construction business. They work with a network of professionals (sub-contractors)who have expertise in all aspects of construction From the foundation through every step to supervising the metal roofing in Houston. From design to engineering, from foundation to completion, they know the people needed and required to complete a project in the most efficient manner. The importantly competent contractor knows how to listen, and will strive to give their client the desired end result they expect.

Your Project Manager Needs To Guide The Process

Contractors are chosen and hired because clients want their project done with the least amount of personal disruption to their lives. They start the process by meeting with a potential client and discussing with them what it is they desire for their proposed project. Based on the meeting, and a review of the existing site, and structure in the case of a remodel they prepare an estimate of what the project will cost. they’ll also give a separate estimate for preparation of construction documents, including plans and specifications. Having the plans allows the contractor to specifically address the construction cost of the project including permits, fees, engineering (if required), and construction hard costs. They can then determine the actual cost of the project, and create an estimate of the cost to build the project. Upon approval of the proposal, they schedule the project from start to finish, defining the start and completion dates. Your contractor should manage all phases of the project, taking into consideration the desires and expectations of you the client, and the schedule of completion. Upon completion, they’ll review the project with the clients addressing all questions and concerns they may have.

You Can Manage The project That Only Requires One Or Two Contractors

If you just need some electric repair, you can hire an electrician and get the job done. You want a new metal roof, you can hire a Houston metal roofing contractor and you’ll be fine. You’ll find it far easier to hire and manage one contractor for a specific job that hiring and manage for a project that requires the services of 10 or more to complete.