How to Become The Slacker.

First, you must disengage. You have to stop listening to the mantra of “it takes hard work to succeed.” It takes your hard work for your boss to succeed. Here’s your mantra, “work is for a mule.” Here’s your mantra, “work is for a mule.” Let go of the “dream” of buying a nice new car you can drive a few hours every day to get to that boring job so you to make the payments every month. By the time you get it paid for it’s old and practically worthless. Spend any additional time finding a way get along without the “job”. Who wants to spend their life performing menial tasks for someone else’s benefit.

Some General Slacker Rules

  • Never run, when you can walk
  • Never walk when you can stand
  • Never stand when you can sit
  • Never sit when you can lie down

Never ever volunteer to do more than is absolutely required. Never do more than is absolutely necessary. Learn to delegate as much as possible. If you’re stuck in a company with a large bureaucracy the easier that task may be. The higher up the chain you go the more you are able, even expected to delegate. So get started as soon as possible so you can be seen as a management type.

Think For Yourself

Learn to think and survive on your own, you have untapped abilities find them and use them to manufacture your own life outside the rat race. Be happy live your life not the one someone else demands of you.